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What do they do? Where do they come from? Why are they here? These are the questions that may be asked regarding on what other thinks of them.

Chances are you have found this site from either my music, art, videos, cube based games, social media groups, or even unspecified sources.

To make a long story short, A Land Rider is an individual or group of explorers, innovators, artists with multi-talented abilities in order to find the truth.

Covering many topics and subjects revolving around Past, present, and future technologies, Major events, traveling to discover exotic locations, And even the realm of the Paranormal that’s known in existences.

Here are some lists of projects and content that are being worked on.

–  To Do List –

  1. Embed Banana bread script with a modified version of the Sauerbraten/Tesseract engine to create the virtual lobby for this website.

  2. Make use of OBJ files and 3D content and scripts

  3. 4K video equipment & content

  4. Exploration of Exotic Environments and Remote Areas in the world

  5. Paranormal / Supernatural Exploration and Archive of Information

  6. Deepweb Mirror of the whole website

Website Development


The Starship Battle Craft Titan


TextBox Block Party LP


The L-Core Operating System


Paranormal Conspiracy Paradox Album


More Content may be added after this website is fully completed