Brave web browser

A representation post cover of the Brave Web Browser and functionality

Like Firefox, Brave fights malware and prevents tracking, keeping your information safe and secure as their servers neither see nor store your browsing data that it stays private, on your devices, until you delete it.

Which means your data will never be sold to third parties for advertisers that will compromise your privacy.

You can even Choose your settings on a per-site or browser-wide basis. See how many ads and trackers are being blocked so you can’t be identified or tracked from site to site without your knowledge by looking at your dashboard thanks to the built-in Shield.

At the time of making this post I don’t often use Brave as my default browser on my desktop due to some missing features like a dark mode and reverse image search by right-click but it sure is good to have when comparing how web sites are viewed from One browser after. (which is useful if your developing web pages)

The Mobile version works flawlessly quick which I use when I’m away from the desktop.

Unfortunately plugins are disabled by default due to security risks concerning third-party plugin Developers.

It’s a shame there’s no customization similar to Firefox for those who wants to extend its functionality.

At least it can encrypt your connection to any website just like HTTPS-everywhere already included.

If you like to give this browser a try while supporting this website, please do click on the link below  and you’ll no longer see ads unless you lower the shields.


Download Brave From Here


Since this post is incomplete, there will be later Updates as I will add some tips and tricks like making your own Portable version of this browser for PortableApps or add extra functionality once I do some research and perform my own hacks to share with. [>~0]/

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