The History and Orgins List of TextBox Smiley and Faces 

What makes this a Textbox? Considering it’s only an eight with a period and a zero inside two brackets, It forms a box-like figurine with a face expression. Unlike traditional mainstream, smileys Textbox has a third eye in which the number eight makes for as well as representing the year it was first introduced.

First used and invented by LandRiders7th (LR7) on on May of 2008 as an alternative to express emotions in chat rooms. It began to be the figure that identified LR7 to prevent impersonators and false users at the time. It has reach sites like Myspace, Zwinky, and Facebook.

By 2010 it reached to other places like Skype, Google talk along with IRC channels, Linux related forms reached to games like Cube 2 SuaerBraten and Red Eclipse in 2012. TexItbox is Also the official Mascot of the Operating System Called L-Core in which it was first introduced in the first beta based on Linux Mint 11 release on October 5th of 2011.

Before Textbox, there was another smiley called helmet head. (|-\ First used in 2007 on Myspace, Xat, and for the same reason textbox was used for but only its not a boxed character but a face figure that can be seen from sideways. It didn’t last as long and has been discontinued on September of 2011 due to lack of usage for expression.

Wow ───Such TextBox ───Very Random
Lots Blocky───Much Lulz───So Doge [.-.]

Originally posted on facebook On January 26, 2014 came an Ascii Art Remix by replacing The Shiba Doge Face with the Textbox smiley.

A featured song about Textbox has been released on may 31, 2014

A preview First promoted on August 25th, 2016 named: It’s just a poke from the promotional track and Ascii cover for the Textbox Block Party Album Preview at Reverbnation that’s yet to be release sometime in 2017

Here are all the faces on the List.

  1. [8.0] – watching face
  2. [>.0] -wink
  3. [>.>] – looking right
  4. [>_0] – cold
  5. [v_v] – feeling down
  6. [8ᴗ0] – radiant
  7. [>ᴗ0] – wink with smile
  8. [^ᴗ^] – yummy
  9. [>ᴗ>] – looking right
  10. [>~©] –angry
  11. [vᴗv] – bright
  12. [8˽0] – grave
  13. [>˽0] – puzzled
  14. [=ᴗ-] – as expected
  15. [^~^] – delighted
  16. [8ᵕ0] – tolerant/forgiving
  17. [>ᵕ0] – consoling
  18. [8~0] – gloomy
  19. [8√0] – peering
  20. [8ꞈ0] – blur
  21. [^ꞈ^] – sulking
  22. [vꞈv] – moody/woeful
  23. [=ꞈ-] – whatever
  24. [>ꞈ>] – worried/
  25. [.ꞈ.] – needs attention
  26. [8ω0] – pleading
  27. ლ[8益0]ლ – Y U NO / pissed off
  28. [8؁0] < WTH?
  29. [“~”] – depressed
  30. [ㅂㅅㅁ] – vacant
  31. [8ㅎ0] – curious
  32. [%p°] – instructable/unreadable/mysterious
  33. [╯8益0]╯︵ ┻━┻) Flips Table – hostile
  34. [✿◕‿◕。] – cheerful
  35. [✿◠‿◠。] – joyous
  36. [`◕ȯ◕´] made by Anna Sleepyhead
  37. [ღ‿ღ] – blithe
  38. [♥ᴗ♥] – feeling loved
  39. [♡ᴗ♡] – leering
  40. [。♥‿♥。] – shy
  41. [♥︹♥] – heartbroken
  42. \[≧△≦]/ – annoyed
  43. ̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’\̵͇̿̿\=[<_>] – Armed and confused
  44. [>_>] – you kidding me? / unpleasant
  45. ̿ ̿̿̿̿̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\=[>︿<] – Armed
  46. └[8ᴥ0]┘ – doge
  47. [✿¬_¬。] – glazed/expressionless due to fatigue or confusion
  48. [>_>]-▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 – 360 No scope
  49. [8﹏0] – shivering/nervous
  50. [>ᴗ<]-\m/ – Yah!!!!!!!

Any more textbox face ideas to add? please let us know and they will be added to the list.

Faces labeled by Carthnie Maratin

Who is this mysterious Lady?


Her name is Eden as suggested by one of my followers. The flashback from October of 2011 took place during a cold winter in the woods that may be somewhere in Canada or Russia. Perhaps in a previous life when I was at a hotel while it snowed. Based on a vivid memory I ran deep into the woods as if someone was chasing after me.snow-lady-flash-back

Once I came to a wide opening on some frozen lake There she was.

During the encounter I felt in a state of a kind of a strange attraction and confusion mixed. She came lili-totalny-vyvrhlicekto me without saying a word and looked me into my eyes as if she knew me before as if I’m one of the people who needs her, or maybe it wasn’t me she was looking at, but someone behind. Then she disapear and it ends from there.

From what I have been told she is an important key that has to do with Babylon.

She has a relation to Lucifer, she gives off a safe, yet damaged energy. She wears all red, and she has basically a high end body guard. Perhaps one of the fallen.

Demon and fallen angel are the most popular, but the possibility of her being them is slim within itself.


I have alway wondered if she’s a ghost/demon or someone with the ability to communicate in that matter showing me a memory from the past or an event that’s yet to happen.


Taken in my back yard at the winter of December 17, 2008 in Las Vegas. I have not notice this until two years later. There are several entities in this picture where the only proof of her existence’s can be seen.

Was this mysterious Lady a Lost soul? A messager? The love of my life? or is she an assassin sent to go after me?

These are just one of the possible theories to the mysterious Lady In Red that remains a mystery and there’s no way to tell if ill ever see her again.



Illustration made by Roxy