The Tesseract Temple

Requested by Enigmatic that was in need of a lending hand to create a virtual place for a college final she had in order to graduate. She needed a quick solution that looks good and on a budget. then I remembered about the game that made it possible to build anything easily. Tesseract became our […]

LR7Style08 MediaPlayer skins

A blast from the past comes a piece of history recreated from the 08 era when I was in highschool in the form of a VLC theme ported from one of my Winamp classic skins I created One of the first skins to match the closest to the old myspace 1.0 style I had on […]

The L-Core Operating System

The First of its kind Made by LR7 A Linux Based Operating System with the goal to create the ultimate all-in-one portable bootable desktop with plans to for cross-distro compatibility. This aims for someone that need’s certain programs/scripts that are from other Linux distros for Developers, Power or casual users alike with functionality similar to […]

The Starship Battle Craft Titan

This map is perhaps one of The few super sized multi-mode maps that has been built with the help of a community of volunteers and different clan members. Some Users have almost destroyed what took more than a year or two to accomplish since June of 2011. Earlier in 2012 There has been attacks being […]