Announcements and updates 10/16/2017

Since I haven’t been posting as often as I thought It would be. Lately theres been some tragic news that took place two weeks ago where people lost there lives that sunday night. Once again there’s going to be some restructuring while figuring out a better way to keep up to date on up comming projects or trips this winter.


  • I plan to release 3 more tracks for the PCP album before the new year hits. Heres one of them for instance


  • Back in August I recived my new computer that I’ll use as my main system called the Udoo x86 Ultra. I’ll make a follow up post and much later on a video as soon as possible. Here’s A preview of how it looks for now.



  • Also for those that haven’t seen the Late Alska Video that took awhile to make due to software bugs and hardware issue, Heres the video:


    • Two weeks ago there was a mass shooting in the Route 91 Harvest festable where a shooter have fired live rounds from the 32th floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on October 1st. How ever it turned out that there where more shootings including one at the 4th floor of the hotel. Not to mention a false flag attack organized by Goverment agencies and Satanists groups behind the shootings in order to push an agenda to remove our rights and to keep us enslaved. I’ll release a first person commantary video about my prespective on the las vegas shooting including some details not mentioned by the mainstream news sources while filming the aftermath of the location in person.


  • Incase didn’t know, you can send me anything to the mailing address in the donations page. Please don’t send illegal Stuff to this address.

And to top it all up, I may consider changing the websites theme after I get the following above out of the way and work on my to do list of projects and plan my next major trip in the near future.

More content in the works /

Til then this is LR7 logging Out

Esoteric Forest Collaberation with I love Plur

Its been over a week with so little time to get started in getting production going.
From a data transferring operation for the new computer that arrived to getting back into working on long-term projects and those that have been on hold for years.

Anyhow Esoteric Forest (Ft I Love Plur) is out while the Alaska Video is still in the works so definitely gotta pick up the pace this fall.

Fun Fact: This track was first made during my stay in Alaska in which it was called dubhop for its code name before I could come up with a better title. One day I saw a post about wanting to do a collab. reached out and the next thing you know starting working on it. Esoteric was his response to the early sample I produced while Forest came to mind due to the surrounding area during my Stay.

Art cover by Anthony Wilson

Announcements and updates 8/20/2017

  • Due to the lack of time and resources I haven’t really been able to post as often as I like to in which defeats the purpose of having this website. How ever I’m in the works of adding new features and better methods to make better use of this blogging platform and later on when possible get a virtual Lobby implemented on this site
  • Also for The Alaska trip I mentioned earlier on my social media sites. I’m still working on a video then later on a blog post with what I have been able to record using a smartphone and may have to barrow someone else computer until a new one arrives.
  • For the ReverbNation subscribers, I’ll make an attempt in setting up the email listing so you guys will receivee updates from this site and not with the one from reverb itself so you’ll get updates besides the next tracks I’ll be making.
  • Speaking of a new track theres a Collab featuring I Love Plur from B’Le Productions that will also be feature in the Alaska video since I started this collab while in Alaska \[.~.]/

And last to bring this up tommorrow there’s an up commng solar eclipse in the united states.  some say it will last for only two minutes while others claim that bad things will happen after this rare event. If thats the case, may as well prepare for the worst that’s yet to come.

Till then This is LR7 Stannding by

video intro 2k17

Due to the amount of shifting in plans and some limited resources lead me to have no choice but to leave most of my projects on hold.

However I have finish this video in hopes that this will give an overview of what the brand is all about showing that I do different things than just music all the time.

Everything has be edited/adjusted under openshot 2.3.4 and rendered on 2.5K UHD Resolution as the standard for every video I upload.

Sooner or later l’ll have to come up with better methods of recording video and live streams after this.

Bleep is now Called City_Block

About 7 months ago First introduced on November 22, 2016, on a facebook post comes with this complete track of a deep house tune a part of the TextBox Block Party Album that comes with Vocal sampling whichs speaks for herself.

More to come and only 4 more tracks and the possiblity of other projects are yet to come.

Stay tune for more updates [>.0]/

Seven collab and first post test

As much as I’m looking to collab with this track with another artist, I’m pretty sceptical about whether I should even bother to have one. I’ll give it on last change before that person who ever you maybe decided to flake because of “something” that changed there mines [>_>]

Also testing out a status post and auto archive from my official website. IF you see this on my profiles outside of my website, then it means that it works.

Website Development

This website contains content mostly created by LR7 the founder of the LandRiders that first came to existence on earth since 2005.

-Here is what’s left to finish-

  1. Replace current theme for a custom WordPress theme looking like this HTML Layout
  2. Force HTTPS/2 DNSSEC/TLSA validation
  3. Animated cover (youtube,Google+,website background)
  4. Monetization of all forms of content as possible
  5. Create a Myspace style webpage for Legacy Content from 2012 and back
  6. Donations page with more choices of payment.
  7. SelfHosted Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, etc wallet for this website
  8. Multi Social Media manager dashboard
  9. Internet of Things sandbox
  10. Self hosted Email Server
  11. Encryption and Proxys with VPN setup
  12. Add more icons with background images for website catagories and links

As the website is slowing developing to completion. Fixes are being made and many other Innovations are to be add overtime as this site is prone to changes.

If you have the ability to work on these tasks that are on the list? Let me know in the comments or send a private message.

Hardware to Get a Hold of

For the longest time it used to be difficult to get a hold of these devices due to the fact that they are not commercially available in any stores as well as the cost leaving me no other choice but to go online and start looking for the hardware that would fit my needs of that time.

A couple of years have passed and are now considered dated or even obsolete that no longer meets the demand for how I will use them for.

Preferably the type of Hardware I’m looking for and the kind of software to install or modify.

Paranormal Conspiracy Paradox Album

The Abnormal Album is here with Paranormal Conspiracies and it speaks for itself.

Inspired and based by close encounters from spirits to flashbacks to extraterrestrials to deep dark secrets filled with mysteries yet to be solved.

Taking place in another world in Egypt where times are not as we been told

The album contains 21 tracks with hidden Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies.

Full album Released date on August 16

You can get The whole Album here At



Genre: Electronic: Dubstep

Release Date: 2018

Up-to-date Preview at Reverbnation

Character headshots made by Enigmatic