The L-Core Operating System

The First of its kind Made by LR7

A Linux Based Operating System with the goal to create the ultimate all-in-one portable bootable desktop with plans to for cross-distro compatibility.

This aims for someone that need’s certain programs/scripts that are from other Linux distros for Developers, Power or casual users alike with functionality similar to the Amiga OS,  3D desktop environment like Suns Project Looking Glass, and feature rich visual appearances like Windows Longhorn.

The PortableApps user data files synced with some Linux programs that’s Even accessible from any Windows/Mac computer to use programs not installed on the host PC and leave no trace of any activity.

It’s usable on your own preferred OS to even bypassing password protected systems or even recovering data from other hard drives that are in the PC itself

L-Core is going threw some tests now using an Archlinux base while waiting for a stable version of Bedrock or implement AppLmage as the official way to install appications so this may be another while til a GUI installer like calamares can be included in the build.

What’s left to release is:

  • Figure out a way to add Calamares Installer firmware
  • Create GTK2/3, emerald, compiz, edje, misc themes, interactive content and possibly new programs for easier theme editing.
  • Make a bootable ISO image
  • implement BedRock to access any package manager from different distros
  • Own repository (Starting with Archlinux)
  • Impiment Appimage as a means to install programs

=2011 concept OS=

-Minimum System Requirement-
1 GHZ Single Core CPU or more
10GB HDD or more
512MB Ram or more

Mirrored Downloads


Original link

The Real credit belongs to the people that build the programs
and the whole source code. I only change some configurations and put them together.

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