Bleep is now Called City_Block

About 7 months ago First introduced on November 22, 2016, on a facebook post comes with this complete track of a deep house tune a part of the TextBox Block Party Album that comes with Vocal sampling whichs speaks for herself.

More to come and only 4 more tracks and the possiblity of other projects are yet to come.

Stay tune for more updates [>.0]/

TextBox Block Party LP

A Promotional ASCII Album Cover with our mascot Text box featured. containing up to 8 tracks of Deep House, House Funk, 2 Step Garage, Synths.

Due to time restraints the complete album will be held from release on live stream when it’s possible to air.

The goal is to gain a more relevant audience interested in this kind of music and first person shooters on live stream alike.

Genre: House

Release Date: 2017

Preview on Reverbnation