Website Development

This website contains content mostly created by LR7 the founder of the LandRiders that first came to existence on earth since 2005.
Here is what’s left to finish.

  1. Replace current theme for a custom WordPress theme looking like this HTML Layout
  2. HTTPS/2 DNSSEC/TLSA validation enabled
  3. Animated cover (youtube,Google+,website background)
  4. Monetization of all forms of content as possible
  5. Create a Myspace style webpage for Legacy Content from 2012 and back
  6. Donations page with more choices of payment.
  7. SelfHosted Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, etc wallet for this website
  8. OwnCloud setup
  9. Multi Social Media manager dashboard
  10. Internet of Things sandbox

As the website is slowing developing to completion. Fixes are being made and many other Innovations to add over time as this site is prone to changes.

If you have the ability to work on these tasks that are on the list? Message me at :

Paranormal Conspiracy Paradox Album

The Abnormal Album is here with Paranormal Conspiracies and it speaks for itself.

Inspired and based by close encounters from spirits to flashbacks to extraterrestrials to deep dark secrets filled with mysteries yet to be solved.

Taking place in another world in Egypt where times are not as we been told

Full album Released date on August 18

Genre: Electronic: Dubstep

Release Date: 2018

Can be found at Reverbnation and Soundcloud

Character headshots made by Enigmatic

The Tesseract Temple

Requested by Enigmatic that was in need of a lending hand to create a virtual place for a college final she had in order to graduate.

She needed a quick solution that looks good and on a budget. then I remembered about the game that made it possible to build anything easily.

Tesseract became our choice for this project. It’s an open-source engine derived from Cube 2: Sauerbraten technology that provides unique rendering techniques. Features like fully dynamic omnidirectional shadows, extensive uses of anti-aliasing, and good old cube style editing.

We worked on getting the temple finished in 4 weeks extensively with time restraints while revamping different versions based on the teacher’s requirements.

A work in progress preview on live stream

There’s also a demo reel  Featured the finished map for a school final

The results are in and they speak for themselves. The heavy detailed modding and texture porting Impressed everyone in class.

There’s no exact time the maps will be released since Revisions of the map are being polished to work on any stock tesseract game that will be uploaded

So you can see the map for yourself once we get it finished for you guys to check it out. [>.0]/

Download here



Some parts like the fountain and its detailing are from cm|valley made by Cooper and Wrack

The final project uses some textures from sauerbraten collect edition and the map models like the plants actually came from Khorne’s Skyrim HD Flora

(requires the textures and map models from the download for the map to display properly)

=Quick instructions to extract the files to=

Windows: /My Games/Tesseract/

Unix: ~/.tesseract/

The Core Album

From 2013 to 2015 All sorts of eventful things have been going on during the time in the making.

Each song has its own description and short back story.

Slowly but sure my music have evolve from the Previous experimental chippy elementary style to something more matured and modernized.

Electronic Acid Ambient Dub Step Trap music with experimental tracks with promotional content and the first album collaboration with these featured Artists along the way:

  • EpsilionJackel & Twelfth Chromatic (AKA The Sound Creative) – Invazion
  • Rukuss Dubz – Raptor & Hard Doxin
  • Heartafiya – Wine For Me

Warning: May contain Experimental audio that may be described as to “Being Weird” Listen at your own Risk.

Genre: Electronic: Dubstep

Release Date: 2015

Complete album Available at CD Baby

Our Story Album

On February of 2010 I launched my first song “I Will Rise” as an experimental sample I made that was inspired by a dreams to visions I had.

The Album has been mostly A tribute to the story of my life in audio form. This album contains inspirations of the past and what I been threw from even much further back in time.


One of my first Albums as well as the beginning of the next one.

There has been times where I had to remake half of the songs due to badly produced tracks I released. It took little over two years to rework and remaster alot of the songs to remove the clipping to reduce the chance of speaker damage, and high frequency sounds harmful to human ears.

In a later future I will have a collection of beta experimental and fails I have made uploaded for everyone to hear and compare how much it has changed since then.

Genre: Electronic: Experimental

Release Date: 2012

You can get The whole Album here At CD Baby



Project Twin Flame

On April of 2014 A drawing that was originally made to be a birthday present. Didn’t finish the drawing on time so It’s decided to use it as a cover for a song that was worked on within the rest of that year.

With a history of misunderstanding and personal struggles coming from the director’s end, it has Unfortunately been abandoned on September of 2014 and the person who directed this song is no longer in contact.

Originally called: The Savior is now renamed to Twin Flame on September of 2016.

Reworking the track with a more dynamic sound and revamped to a more modern sound when completed on my own.

It will be included in the Paranormal Conspiracy Paradox Album.

Launch release is between 2017 – 2018 (No date has been specified)

Character design by Enigmatic

TextBox Block Party LP

A Promotional ASCII Album Cover with our mascot Text box featured. containing up to 8 tracks of Deep House, House Funk, 2 Step Garage, Synths.

Due to time restraints the complete album will be held from release on live stream when it’s possible to air.

The goal is to gain a more relevant audience interested in this kind of music and first person shooters on live stream alike.

Genre: House

Release Date: 2017

Preview at Reverbnation

Who is this mysterious Lady?


Her name is Eden as suggested by one of my followers. The flashback from October of 2011 took place during a cold winter in the woods that may be somewhere in Canada or Russia. Perhaps in a previous life when I was at a hotel while it snowed. Based on a vivid memory I ran deep into the woods as if someone was chasing after me.snow-lady-flash-back

Once I came to a wide opening on some frozen lake There she was.

During the encounter I felt in a state of a kind of a strange attraction and confusion mixed. She came lili-totalny-vyvrhlicekto me without saying a word and looked me into my eyes as if she knew me before as if I’m one of the people who needs her, or maybe it wasn’t me she was looking at, but someone behind. Then she disapear and it ends from there.

From what I have been told she is an important key that has to do with Babylon.

She has a relation to Lucifer, she gives off a safe, yet damaged energy. She wears all red, and she has basically a high end body guard. Perhaps one of the fallen.

Demon and fallen angel are the most popular, but the possibility of her being them is slim within itself.


I have alway wondered if she’s a ghost/demon or someone with the ability to communicate in that matter showing me a memory from the past or an event that’s yet to happen.


Taken in my back yard at the winter of December 17, 2008 in Las Vegas. I have not notice this until two years later. There are several entities in this picture where the only proof of her existence’s can be seen.

Was this mysterious Lady a Lost soul? A messager? The love of my life? or is she an assassin sent to go after me?

These are just one of the possible theories to the mysterious Lady In Red that remains a mystery and there’s no way to tell if ill ever see her again.



Illustration made by Roxy