Website Development

This website contains content mostly created by LR7 the founder of the LandRiders that first came to existence on earth since 2005.

-Here is what’s left to finish-

  1. Replace current theme for a custom WordPress theme looking like this HTML Layout
  2. Force HTTPS/2 DNSSEC/TLSA validation
  3. Animated cover (youtube,Google+,website background)
  4. Monetization of all forms of content as possible
  5. Create a Myspace style webpage for Legacy Content from 2012 and back
  6. Donations page with more choices of payment.
  7. SelfHosted Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, etc wallet for this website
  8. Multi Social Media manager dashboard
  9. Internet of Things sandbox
  10. Self hosted Email Server
  11. Encryption and Proxys with VPN setup
  12. Add more icons with background images for website catagories and links

As the website is slowing developing to completion. Fixes are being made and many other Innovations are to be add overtime as this site is prone to changes.

If you have the ability to work on these tasks that are on the list? Let me know in the comments or send a private message.

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