I’m a person with a range of different interests in many ways. At first, you’ll probably think I’m an abnormal person you encounter in the beginning.
What is a Land Rider you may ask? Heres my response to that as a video.


Originally was into biking and off-roading back in 2005 on where the name came from.

Grew up with computer hardware, software, and electronics in which over the years I have learned the fundamentals of the many fields there are with the use of technology.

Faced different paranormal encounters when I was younger and even dealt with spiritual affairs. Now I want to create a way to interface the spirit realm with the help of technology.

-My main life goals is learning as much of everything there is to know about everything including the truth also with life in general and sharing my thought believes, adventures, encounters, and simply unexplainable things to the world.

-Building and creating all kinds of things while gathering a handful of skills, talents, and abilities in the mix.

-Most importantly to become the worlds first freedom fighting captain of a starship that will influence the world as we know it.


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