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We’re just individuals who create’s and share content and projects as well as those who contributed. We don’t  have the funds to hire full-time Developers, Artists, and writers.

Imagine how much quicker we could accomplish this for ongoing projects and activities to provide a way to pay for expensive of the content on this site as well as tasks which anyone participating doesn’t always have the time to keep us afloat.

Donations and Ads are one of the handful of ways to maintain this site.

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  1. Metal Plastic or Both 3D Printer

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  2. 4K Wifi base Video Camcorder

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  3. Plastic shreader to 3d printing filament recycler

    - 0%
  4. Live Stream 1080p/4K UHD hdmi capture card usb or PCIe

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  5. High Quality Drones with camera mounts

    - 0%

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