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We’re just individuals who creates and share content and projects as well as those who contributed. We don’t have all the funds to hire full-time Developers, Artists, and Writers.
If just 1 in 10 people would donate less than the cost of a soda can each month, Imagine how much quicker we could accomplish this for ongoing projects and activities to provide a way to pay for expensive for the content on this site as well as tasks which anyone participating doesn’t always have the time to keep us afloat.

Please do be that 1 in 10 and help us so we can pay for expenses to create quality content.

If you have no money at all, you can still help by Clicking on our Affiliates or Ads which are one of the handful of ways to help maintain this site unless you can suggest any better solutions to keep this site online.

Non Currency

You can Donate your ideas and talents by contributing to any of the following listed below

The Star Ship Battle Craft Titan (Beta 4)

The L-Core Operating System Builder


Simply scan or click on the QR Images

For those who want to have Tips seen during Live streams


Crypto Currencys

Bitcoin: 1PXGMiXxbzMFoHgydcqaPYBiDxWD568kPH

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BAT Tokens are accepted by using Brave Web Browser or if your broke you can Click on any of the Ads below as a way to show support of my efforts.