Sources and Links

Here is a list of Sources from other sites to look into for references, ideas, or to keep around in case you find it usefully in some way [>.0]/

Social Media Websites I have accounts on


Cube Engine based games/editors


Free and Open Source Software

Mozilla – Waterfox – Openshot – InkscapeBlenderTorPrivoxy – Fritzing – PortableappsEasy2bootArchLinuxManjaro –  BedRockLinuxGUI ScrcpyOBS StudioBisqEdex-UIProjectMKodiRustDeskStableDefusionKeePassXCNoiseTorchBarrierLyreBird

Non-Free And Propitiatory Software

Davinci ResolveClownFishUnreal EngineVoiceMeeter –  Vroid


Enigmatic Art

Affiliates, Referrals & Sponsored By:

 AzireVPNBrave Browser – Honey Coupons – Jetpack – NamecheapTab For A Cause  – – Wp Advance

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