The Tesseract Temple

Requested by Enigmatic that was in need of a lending hand to create a virtual place for a college final she had in order to graduate.

She needed a quick solution that looks good and on a budget. then I remembered about the game that made it possible to build anything easily.

Tesseract became our choice for this project. It’s an open-source engine derived from Cube 2: Sauerbraten technology that provides unique rendering techniques. Features like fully dynamic omnidirectional shadows, extensive uses of anti-aliasing, and good old cube style editing.

We worked on getting the temple finished in 4 weeks extensively with time restraints while revamping different versions based on the teacher’s requirements.

A work in progress preview on live stream

There’s also a demo reel  Featured the finished map for a school final

The results are in and they speak for themselves. The heavy detailed modding and texture porting Impressed everyone in class.

There’s no exact time the maps will be released since Revisions of the map are being polished to work on any stock tesseract game that will be uploaded

So you can see the map for yourself once we get it finished for you guys to check it out. [>.0]/

Download here

Main: GeekyGalleon

Mirror: Mediafire

Mirror2: Quadroplis


Some parts like the fountain and its detailing are from cm|valley made by Cooper and Wrack

Lighting explanation help by Wizard

The final project uses some textures from sauerbraten collect edition and the map models like the plants actually came from Khorne’s Skyrim HD Flora

(requires the textures and map models from the download for the map to display properly)

=Quick instructions to extract the files to=

Windows: /My Games/Tesseract/

Unix: ~/.tesseract/

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