Paranormal Conspiracy Paradox Album (PCP)

The Abnormal PCP Album is here and it speaks for itself.

Inspired and based on close encounters from spirits to flashbacks to extraterrestrials to deep dark secrets filled with mysteries yet to be solved. Taking place in another world in Egypt where times are not as we been told.

One of the last of their kind to be made with an adventurous element of world traveling in mind and may not be another one like it anywhere else.

Even a track about the Lady In red have also became a part of the Album featured as well

Taking place in another world in Egypt and various parts of the world where times are not as we been told and the truth is yet to be revealed.

PCP Album Art cover First Created on June 24, 2015

The album contains 21 tracks with hidden Binaural Beats and Solferino Frequencies.

Full album Released date on August 18

You can get The whole Album here At

Genre: Electronic: Dubstep

Release Date: 2018

Up-to-date Preview at Reverbnation

Character headshots made by EN1GMAT1C

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