Contains content mostly created by LR7 the founder of the Land Riders where the idea came to exist since 2005.


What do they do? Where do they come from? Why are they here? These are one of the questions that may be asked regarding what others think.

To make a long story short, A Land Rider is an individual or group of explorers, innovators, artists with multi-talented abilities in order to find the truth, Covering many topics and subjects revolving around Past, present, and future computer eletronic technologies as well as traveling to discover Exotic Environments and Remote Areas in the world including some Paranormal/Supernatural Exploration while Archiving Information to collected for analysing or mystery solving that’s known in existences.

Chances are you found this site by social media, a comment or forums about music, open source, tech, gaming, urban exploring or from random unknown sources from some places like the deep webs.

Here’s a lists of projects and content that are currently a work in progress


  1. Finish blog about the UDOO board

    - 0%
  2. Organize music tracks for PCP and Textbox Albums on CD Baby, Reverb, and SoundCloud

    - 10%
  3. Plans and donations video about starting up my brand for 2018

    - 0%
  4. Custom built Assistant drone and 3D scanning Scout drones

    - 0%
  5. 3D LR7 spinning logo

    - 0%

This site is far from perfect and you may encounter things that are out of place so If thats the case feel free to point that out.

If you happen to a web developer, please let me know if you can do the following on this list.

Updated Content may be added after this website is fully completed