by Lan the founder of Land Riders 7th

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– What Is a Land Rider? –

Chances are, you might have found out about this from websites like omegle as I’m largely recognized from or by other means.

What do they do? Where do they come from? Why are they here?

These are one of the questions that may be asked regarding what others think.

They are explorers, innovators, artists who makes use of their multi-talented abilities in order to find the truth.

Covering many topics/subjects revolving around Past, Present, and Future.

Computer electronic technologies as well as traveling to discover Exotic Environments and Remote Areas in the world.

Plus Paranormal/Supernatural Exploration while Archiving Information to collected for analyzing or mystery solving that’s known in existences.


– About: LR7 –


LR7Style Logo 2005 – 2012


I’m a person with a range of different interests in many ways. At first you’ll probably think I’m an abnormal person you encounter in the beginning.

LR7 Lined Logo 2013 – Present

or by either social media, a comment, some forums about music, open source, tech, gaming, Virtual Reality or from some random unknown sources out there like the deep webs and such.

I was originally into off road biking  back in 2005 on where the name came from.


PCP Era Logo 2015 – 2020

Grew up with computer hardware, software, and electronics in which over the years I have learned the fundamentals of the many fields there are with the use of technology.

Riders Head Reptilians (RHR) 2013 – Present

Faced different paranormal encounters when I was younger and even dealt with spiritual affairs. Now I want to create a way to interface the spirit realm with the help of technology.

  • My life goals are to learn as much of everything there is about everything including the truth also with life in general by sharing my thoughts. believes, adventures, encounters, and unexplained encounters.
  • Building and creating all kinds of things while gathering a handful of skills, talents, and abilities in the mix.
  • Most importantly to become the worlds first freedom fighting captain of a star ship that will influence the world as we know it.


– List of projects and content being worked on –


  1. Create a visually animated Road Map Manifesto

    - 0%
  2. A Completely new website theme matching the videos and live stream aesthetic

    - 0%
  3. The Ship in Cube2 SauerBraten

    - 35%
  4. Send dead hard drives to a recovery lab

    - 0%

  Click/Tap here for a More Detailed Todo List as seen from the Live Streams


If you like to support what we do and want to see us succeeded, give a tip or your time/skills using the up-to-date list on this image linked below.

– Mail Box Address –


you can mail anything to this address at:

848 N Rainbow Blvd #5090 Las Vegas NV USA 89107

Please don’t send anything illegal



  1. Portable Hard Plastic Shredder

    - 0%
  2. plastic extruder for making 3D printing firmament

    - 0%
  3. Parts to Build a Complete Virtual Reality setup that's ultra portable and can be used as a complete keyboard/mouse monitor replacement.

    More details on Discord

    - 0%
  4. Framework 16 AMD Ryzen™ 9 7940HS Main Board

    - 0%
  5. - 0%


– Live Streaming Schedule   –

On Average Saturdays or Sundays Between 7pm til 11pm Pacific Time when announced (sometimes past midnight)

In Some Rare Instances I may stream earlier or during the weekdays


– Sources and Links –

Here’s the list of Sources from other sites to look into for references, ideas, or to keep around in case you find it useful in some way [>.0]/

Social Media Websites And Messager’s I have accounts on

YouTubeTwitchX (Formally Twitter)Discord – Signal Kick ReverbNationSoundCloudDeviantArtOdyseeGithubMatrixPatreon

Cube Engine based games/editors


Free and Open Source Software

AndroidFirefoxOpenshot – InkscapeBlenderTorPrivoxy – Fritzing – PortableappsEasy2bootArchLinux –  BedRockLinuxGUI ScrcpyOBS StudioBisqEdex-UIProjectMKodiRustDesk –  KeePassXCNoiseTorchBarrierLyreBirdAmeliorated

Non-Free And Propitiatory Software

Davinci ResolveUnreal EngineVoiceMeeter

Artificial Intelligence Programs, AI Web Applications

AutoGPTGPT4ALLHeyAmicaStableDefusionFooocusKrita AI

VR Vtuber Application Tools / Games

VRM Virtual DroidVRChatVRMPosingVRM PoserVroid Studio – VseefaceVtube StudioXR AnimatorVRM Addon For Blender


Enigmatic Art

Affiliates, Referrals & Sponsors


The LR7 Official Merch Store



 AzireVPNBrave Browser – Honey Coupons – Jetpack – NamecheapTab For A CauseWp Advance AdsCashappOdyseeAkamaiMint Mobile


– Contact –

You can send a message on this form below and type in all your thoughts and suggestions.

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