Created by LR7 the founder of Land Riders 7th that came to exist since 2005.

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What is a Land Rider

Chances are that you might have found out about me from websites like omegle and other sources across the Internet.

What do they do? Where do they come from? Why are they here?

These are one of the questions that may be asked regarding what others think.

They are explorers, innovators, artists who makes use of their multi-talented abilities in order to find the truth.

Covering many topics/subjects revolving around Past, Present, and Future.

Computer electronic technologies as well as traveling to discover Exotic Environments and Remote Areas in the world.

Plus Paranormal/Supernatural Exploration while Archiving Information to collected for analyzing or mystery solving that’s known in existences.

Here are the projects and content being worked on this list


  1. Create a visually animated Road Map Manifesto

    - 0%
  2. A Completely new website theme matching the videos and live stream aesthetic

    - 0%
  3. Omegle middleman Interception instructions Text version

    - 0%
  4. Return to Live Monthly Dark Net video Series

    - 0%
  5. The Ship in Cube2 SauerBraten

    - 35%
  6. Send dead hard drives to a recovery lab

    - 0%
  7. Researching the inter workings of to discover better ways to utilize exploits and protect from possible vulnerabilities 

    - 25%
  8. Build a Complete Virtual reality setup that's ultra portable and can be used as a complete keyboard/mouse monitor replacement.

    - 0%
  9. Build an antonymous AI Vtuber that can research tasks and interact with chat or voice in real time locally without using an OpenAI ChatGPT API key. Basically AutoGPT using GPT4All or LainChain  like Eden

    - 10%


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This site is going threw a transition and you may encounter some things that are out of place. If that’s the case, feel free to point that out.

If you happen to be a web developer, are you able to do the following on this list?

Updated Content may be added after Land Riders website is fully completed