A & U – Half of the Pandemic Year Had a lot going

2020 is certainly the year of a Major Pandemics and being on the internet more Since the Corona Virus happen to hit the whole world as of late, I think I wont be going outside much plus it looks like streaming just might become my full time job.

You know whats worse than being left without a Job in a matter of weeks due to shortages in supply’s coming from china.

Not being able to go to places without the shelves going empty most of the times can get really annoying and concerning [<~<]

This is the part when we better start stocking up in supplies and to stay away from populated areas.

Since most of my friends have left and one of them won’t even speak to me anymore, the only interaction I get from people are from Omegle and some of the discord server.

Yes we have the Corona Virus, but now theirs a rise of simps [<~<]

The First 5 months so far

There’s a good chance that I may be able to work on more content if I don’t over load myself with projects and live streams.

I started working on deep web content when I go explore that part of the internet live but from how things are i may have to delay the series.

On Jan 9th I came across an individual known as Hyphonix gave me a sub boost further my continuation of live stream on Omegle as shown here.

Music Albums

The PCP album will once again be delayed due to complete tracks (moving it to the summer of this year) that was originally gonna upload on September so better late than never I suppose [8.0]

I’m also Uploading the completeΒ Block Party Albums on Sound Cloud as well since CD baby deleted my tracks.

Stuff on my desktop

Somewhere in February, I got the VM working with my GPU. 90’s PC gaming coming soon this Friday where I can finally stream PCXL demos and other software games of that era [<~<]πŸ‘Œ

Should be able to work on running the PCXL demos from there.

Internet Activities

on February 7th, an alignment of 103 subs/follows on Twitch & YouTube happened


4 years ago on May 8th, I made a Twitch Account to stream during the summer at the worst times of my life.

I stopped streaming by the end of summer due to life bring me down.

Then on December of 2019 I began streaming on Omegle

Sitting at 200+ followers Streaming is now my business and new career since I reached affiliate that night.

On May 16th My Bro Louis Blind Had Join My Twitch Stream via Discord Call to share his take on the Missing 411 and Skin Walker Ranch cases and how these paranormal anomalies are caused by an unknown forces called precognitive intelligence. (A video or blog post is planned to be made about it)

Video Content

Back in November of 2019 I mentioned that I’ll be recording my trip in Mexico and share it to anyone interested in how it went.

6 months later I just finished the First Video out of 7 after I finally got the ball rolling due to being very busy working on other stuff.

Plans for the Other half of the month

Parts for Secondary PC being used as a dedicated internet/OBS box for live streams. Didn’t get it work til months later when I got the proper power supply for theΒ  HD Plex 400W or end up getting a different power supply.


Content I’m working on

There’s a good chance I may upload an update of The Ship from SauerBraten once I restructure the whole map.

And may even update the quadroplis and sauerworld pages and let the guys at discord groups I’m a part of even for how inactive I’ve been this whole time [8.0]

Here I’ve worked on a Music collaboration with sks2002 an electronic music producer who I met on Vlare.tv who reached out me to send me from of his samples to work with.

Web Content

After the release of the PCP album, this website will go threw a major theme change as describe on the web-devel post with a list of whats left to complete as well as Emotes/Emojis for twitch, discord and main website are in the works as of this post.

Web Development Help Needed

If you see these types of comments on your videos, Use YouTube Studio tools instead of deleting them from the comments section.


Over all

390 page likes on Facebook doesn’t mean crap when no one responses to posts and are probably dead accounts.

Lets alone the disinformation about Covid19 being spread across the internet by Anti-vaxxer Karen’s and so called conspiracy theorists alike.

I certainly Blame the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) the same government that created the social system that violates human rights and built consideration camps for the Muslim populationΒ  allowing this to happen and there mishandling of the situation, Even to silence anyone with an apposing opinion.

Don’t even get me started with the Hong Kong Protests [-_-]

From the looks of it this globe lock down and self quarantine may last a lot longer than what is being said and the Hysteria it brought when the World Health Organization announces that we’re in a world wide pandemic officially back in march.

I’ll continue to work on making more content as I normally do even if I don’t have a full time job or the funds needed to continue my projects.

Even touching on these topics later on both blog posts and live streams.

May as well invest in stocks or even crypt currency for that matter.

And no a 5G tower isn’t a weapon that will be used to control us and make us sick [<~<]

Honorable Mentions

kriko_chris Donated $1

Message: Your my new favorite streamer

Marshmello Donated $6

Messages: Im the real one i was just on omegle. | Im pretty sure that was the real marshmello | So that guy wasn’t the real marshmello you say ?

tkocult Is the First Subscriber to my Twitch Channel

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