(Work In Progress) Omegle/Video Chat Middle Man Interception Technic – A Comprehensive Guide

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The following method can be used to Perform a deceptive man in the middle interception. We are not responsible for the damaged done by others. Malicious use is not condoned and maybe illegal by applicable law

– Introduction –

For awhile it has been very little known on how its possible to intercept two sessions on a random video chat site like Omegle similar to the mysterious individual known at the Middle Man.

A good number of people have commented on my YouTube streams and messaged me on discord about the Omegle Interception method I nearly perfected long before a tutorial was ever made.

To the point that someone from CyberFishNews made an Article referring to me in some way that lead to a reddit post on r/hacking [8_0]

Due keep in mind that this is not a hack nor is it considered hacking in any way shape or form.

– Quick History –

At the time there wasn’t any reliable instructions or even a guide let alone Hyphonix the man who started the trend wont reveal his method so The only people who are known to  attempt to release such instructions are Yooper, TronOBS, and Dafearlessyt as of December of 2020. (No offence to these guys but they aren’t very well made)

Also, someone from GitHub known as Ash47 created a web script called OmegleMiddleMan that dates back  2014.  A Notable feature is the ability to ignore bots using the black hole method that filters out certain phrases or simply add words as well in order to get a real person to talk to.

How ever the only way to use the video feature is with flash player in which Omegle no longer uses and is now obsolete so there’s no point of using it unless someone decided to either update or creating a new one.

For now this work around method shown below will do [8.0]

– Programs to Download –


OBS Studio

OBS Virtual-Cam Plugin

Voice Meter


– Recommended Free and Open Source Web Browser with Video Support  –






– A Virtual Private Network (VPN) Outside of the 14 Eyes Countries –

Omegle has blacklisted a lot of IP addresses of proxy and VPN servers in which are inaccessible for those particular locations. You’ll have to research for up-to-date VPN that hasn’t been blocked on Omelge.

At of the time of this posting, This is a VPN that’s known to work with Omelge (do let me know if there are any more out there):


you’ll have to manually find a working proxy in the search bar until it lets you threw.




– Avoid using the following –

Streamlabs OBS

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Hola! VPN

or Any other free VPN for that matter


– The Setup process –

work in progress check back in a few days


– Over All –

This post is still a work in progress and needed to release something to go with the video tutorial for those who prefer text.

Do check back in a few days for a more complete instructions guide. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this better feel free to let me know threw discord or email.

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