A & U – 14 Year Anniversary – Late Short August Updates

As much as I’d like to get everything done on schedule but due to life keeping me busy outside the internet and time going against me as of late.

On mid July I did a 24/7 test stream as a proof of concept and to invite Artists to submit there tracks for future streams despite the fact that no one ever visited aside from like 5 random people within the past 4 days of the stream being active.

Looks like I’ll try something else  for another steam and change a few methods like creating a submissions page for indie artists to easily get there music on some of my live streams. In the meantime you can post them on this music collab discord channel

The Land Riders name has officially turned 14 years as of this season mention on this video below.

It’s a shame that I got no recognition In the effort I put after 14 years only so it ends up this way.
For the short and limited time give or take,  plans to close out the final year in taking place to make way for the future.

The PCP Album was scheduled to be released on September 9th of 2019 with a few finalized tracks that was previously unreleased  from awhile back. I might  do a live stream later that day.

The track used in my video called Metaverse Reality is finalized and now out on reverb nation

In response to Twitches veg guidelines, the rise of E girls and Ninja Leaving the platform.

Which streaming platform would you guy prefer? Make a Mixer account or keep it on twitch?

Once again there isn’t much else to say as its been a slow month.

Til then LR7 Out

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