A & U – 2019 So far and 2020 plans for the future

2019 has been a fairly eventful year despite the fact that I had some losses I’ve had to deal with.
So some reason Christmas felt very short lived but I have received presents from relatives and one from the other side of the world so that was nice to have.
As much as I would like to type down everything that happened that’s note worthy, I’ll simply put the links if your interested in looking back on what I posted earlier in 2019.

Recovery from the Ashes Late March Early April

Life After Death, Late May Updates

14 Year Anniversary & Late Short August Updates

Now on to the adventures I had

Late November Mexico Trips

It wasn’t the first time entering this country as I been to Mexicali before.

One thing is for sure. Mexico City is like a tropical New York with ADHD \[.~.]/

This is The reason why I haven’t been live streaming Apex legends during that time.

With over 150GB of videos to put together, it got me to the point that I’ll have to cut them in 7 parts.

Plus the Internet here sure is sometimes hard to come by while I used a VPN to ensure I don’t get spied on.

But anyways this is just the tip of the iceberg so no thanks giving dinners in Mexico this time around.

The place where they said the world was gonna end in 2012 they say. [8.0]

So its only a preview of what I’ll be showing in the Mexico videos that’s taking awhile to make. [>~>]

Plans for 2020 and Onward

There a good changes that streaming would became a major part of this coming new year as I’ve been very active on Omegle (even if I keep getting Ban) while broadcasting the conversations on Twitch and YouTube threw out December.

Special shout outs to

For those people who followed and subs to me from Omegle, I want to thank you for sticking around its means alot to me and I will continue to make new content and streams for you guys to enjoy [^_^]/

I just might reach affiliate status by the end of the year [8.0]

PCP Album Art cover First Created on June 24, 2015

I’ll be releasing this last music album by February 20th of 2020 since I haven’t been able to complete back in September due to lack of motivation and life keeping me occupied.

By mid to late 2020 this websites layout and videos intro including outro will have an updated new look after the XIX Anniversary faze ends.

Most of my long time friends who I met in Vegas all left town with their significant others and now I’m left with no friends to hangout with. [.___.]


I’ve made a few costly mistakes financially and believe it or not i’m doing fairly well with my current situation to even paying off most of my debts while keeping up with the bills.
One thing is for sure, I want to leave Vegas [<_<]
I sure hope that I’ll be able to continue working on my end goals and start new ones afterwards.

πŸŽ†Happy New years from LR7πŸŽ‡


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