A & U – Life After Death, Late May Updates

It’s incredible how quick the month passed by especially when you have priorities in life to take care of.
Recovering from the server migration issues from not properly backing up the database Which would have saved me countless hours of headaches.
Also last month I travel to Mexico for the first time to visit my uncle on April 27.

but in order to get there we had to take the Greyhound bus so while I’m at it I took video of the whole trip.

It took an entire day and buses breaking down to get to Calexico where we cross the border to Mexicali

One thing’s for sure it’s like being in another world to where the prices on food are very different from the states

Those are just the previews for what will be seen in the video that I’ll make with a more detailed commentary.

Also forgot to mention on september of last year he took some pictures of what appears to be flying saucers. More details will be mentiones in the mexico video.

Ever since Vanillo shut down on May 11, 2019 I made the switch to this new site called Vlare. I’ll upload the mexico video before it gose on youtube. Interacting with creators viewers and staff when possible.

I don’t exactly have alot to say other than life delaying me and major halts that affecting me drastically.
No music have been currently worked on this may as of late.

As always I’m looking to get feedback or any suggestions from anyone who cares enough to support my content.

Rest in peace our Beloved Maggy (Enigmatic’s Pet) who kept my Family happy for all these years.

November 2006 – April 2019

RIP Maggy
Art by EN1GMAT1C

She’ll be missed greatly, Farewell little doge [._.]]>



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