The Core Album

The Core Album started in 2013 that marks the second evolution of music from the predecessor Our Story Album.

Each song has its own description and short back story found on Sound Cloud.
With genre like Electronic, Acid, Ambient, Dub Step & Trap music with experimental tracks with some promotional content.
This is the first album collaboration with these featured Artists:

  • EpsilionJackel & Twelfth Chromatic (AKA The Sound Creative) – Meat these two over at Cube 2 Sauer Braten in early 2012. I Later on found out that they can produce music so we got together for ideas and created Invazion. A name Suggested by Epsilion.


  • Rukuss Dubz – Started out as Rivals, Then Beats & Bass rhythm by him and the rest of the sound effects and synths put together by me to make Raptor & A Trap with glitch sound effects and hard base colab in Hard Doxin


  • Heartafiya – met Him on reverbnation late December of 2013 asked me to do a colab for Wine For Me since I happen to be the #1 Dubstep artist in Las Vegas that day.

That out of the way, Here’s a list of some of the tracks The Core Has to offer with a more modernized feel and transition that kind of foreshadows the Third Album in Music Quality.
Warning: May contain Experimental audio that may be described as “Being Weird” Listen at your own Risk [>~0]/

Electronic: Dubstep

Release Date:

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