(Work In Progress) Online and In Real Life Privacy

Privacy as always been a part of yourself that you need to preserve when you have something to hide from someone or something or simply want to keep to yourself.
When something is private to a person, it usually means that something is inherently special or sensitive to them. The domain of privacy partially overlaps with security, which can include the concepts of appropriate use, as well as protection of information. Privacy may also take the form of bodily integrity. The right not to be subjected to unsanctioned invasions of privacy by the government, corporations or individuals is part of many countries’ privacy Paw’s, and in some cases, constitutions.

Browsing the Internet

Here are these posts to look into for tips when your visiting websites

Recommended Firefox addons for Privacy and Functionality 

Brave web browser And Extensions to Add

The Deep Dark Web
Even if you have no plans to visit that part of the web it’s still helpful

Check Your Browser

These website’s below will tell you if your browser is secured or if it can potentially track you by displaying technical details on what it has or what it Lack’s.

  • https://ipx.ac/run
  • https://browserleaks.com/webrtc
  • https://www.perfect-privacy.com/dns-leaktest/
  • https://dnsleak.com
  • virustotal.com

For crypto trading and services with no KYC check this site out

Also, Here’s a Website I recommend Visiting to get a better idea about online Privacy 


Check If your private data got Leaked


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In Conclusion

This is only a tiny portion on what it takes to keep your privacy in check as there is more to investigate about this topic and will come back to further update this post with better writing (may consider making a video).
Also if you do happen to get requests from a really attractive lady  that you come across online and wants to “Have Fun”in a NSFW way, Don’t give in. Its an extortion trap that can ruin your reputation  and your wallet. And yes your online habits play a major round in how to stay anonymous.

This page is still a work in progress so check back later on.

For a more defined explanation visit https://iapp.org/about/what-is-privacy/

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