Text Box Block Party Album

A block party Promotional ASCII Album Cover with our mascot Text box featured.

Containing up to 8 tracks Inspired by music based off of Todd Edwards, 808 Pacific and Sonic CD is a beautifully crafted Neo 70s, Deep House, House Funk, Garage, and Synths mixed Album.

Perhaps a little something that might sound like it belongs to a video game is the goal of where this album is aiming to sound like.

These tracks may be used on future videos or even the possibility to getting featured in a video game.

If the Text Box series ever does become popular and the demand is ever-present. I may consider making a second or third album if need to be.

That being said you can purchase the complete Block Party album below, you’ll help pay for production costs and maintenance in exchange for good music you can keep offline produced by me.

So What are you waiting for? A miracle to happen? [>~>]

Take a listen and Jam to these sick tunes. [>ᴗ<]-\m/


Release Date: 2018

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