L-Core The Platform Agnostic Operating System Environment

The First of its kind Made by LR7

Due to a Saturation amount of Distributions already available, There’s no real need to create yet another OS under someone Else’s preference as an Ideal OS. So Why not give the user what they really wanted and avoid the need to uninstall programs they won’t use.

If your happy with the OS of choice, then you can simply add the L-Core repository to your existing OS to access certain apps from L-Core or to act as a bridge to receive updates and more from other distributions.

How The Idea Started

The original ideal OS was as an all-in-one portable boot-able desktop with plans to for cross distro compatibility that will have functionality similar to the Amiga OS,  3D desktop environment like Suns Project Looking Glass, and feature rich visual appearances like Windows Longhorn.

The   user data files synced with some Linux programs that’s Even accessible from any Windows/Mac computer to use programs not installed on the host PC and leave no trace of any activity.

It’s usable on your own preferred OS to even bypassing password protected systems or even recovering data from other hard drives that are in the PC itself

The Ideal OS built will be made for those that are new to Linux in General to show what it can do for the user before considering to create a custom build of their own.

It Was going to be an online Linux Ditsro Maker

I had the idea for An Online Distro Making Service with the goal to create User Customization’s built for beginners and Experts alike.

It’ll give you the choice to use any OS like Debian, Ubuntu, Red hat, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch Linux and many countless others as a base to start out to work your way to customizing with either a GUI or a Terminal or even upload scripts for a more personalized approach straight from a web browser or Entirely Offline.

What’s Left do to so far

    • Make a sample ISO image of os
    • Create themes and interactive content.
    • Use NixOS or BedRock Linux as a baseline
    • Web interface for UI script building mechanic
    • Possibly may need a dedicated repo
    • Register Domain Name and Server
    • Consideration for making an Ameliorated playbook for NT based systems like Windows
    - 0%

An Even Much Earlier Build

One of the earliest attempts to building this OS can be traced to a 2011 concept OS on this video