Who is this mysterious Lady In Red?

For while this character has been revisited several times in different forms of media and has been seen on a website called omegle as a CGI virtual figure intercepting calls and streamers threw out half of 2021.

How this vtuber avatar made on Vroid Studio with a masculine voice that most people from omegle have known from is based on a possibly real individual.

like A track with the same name thats apart of the PCP Album its on:

Based on a vivid memory I ran deep into the woods as if someone was chasing me, the vision goes like this:

It Was at some point based on a possibly real person who’s no longer living.

Perhaps in a previous life when I was at a hotel during a winter session.



Once I came to a wide opening on some frozen lake There she was.
 During the encounter I was in a state of a strange attraction and confusion mixed.

She came to me without saying a word and looked me into my eyes as if Eden knew me before as if I’m one of the people who needs her or maybe it wasn’t me she was looking at but someone behind me.

Then she disappeared and it ends from there. From what I have been told she is an important key that has to do with Babylon. She has a relation to Lucifer, she gives off a safe, yet damaged energy.  

Demons and fallen angel are the most popular, but the possibility of her being them is slim within itself.

I have always wondered if she’s a ghost/demon or someone with the ability to communicate in that matter showing me a memory from the past or an event that’s yet to happen.

Who Was this mysterious Lady In Red? a Lost soul? A messenger? The love of my life? or an assassin sent to go after me? These are just one of the possible theories that remains a mystery and there’s no way to tell if ill ever see her again.

Lady In Red created for Land Rider by Anna
Sleepyhead on IMVU. P.S.: the character is a replica of an artwork made by (a certain) Lili.


This Drawing of lady in red made by Roxy

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