The Star Ship Battle Craft Titan Beta 5 (Maybe ported to VRChat )

Although I’ve been pretty inactive in the Sauer community due to life keeping me busy outside the internet. I’ve started to return to this game to put together this map since it’s inception.

The Ship, as some of you may have heard about in the cube 2 game as far back as June of 2011 Perhaps one of The few super-sized multi-mode maps built with the help of a community of volunteers and different clan members ever created.

Early in 2012, Theses attacks done by impersonators and hackers almost destroyed over a year worth of time to accomplish.

On February of 2018,
All unnecessary detailing and rooms threw out the Ship has been removed as reported in the BCT_Credits.txt file.

The map has been on hold for 2 and a half years up until March of 2021 when I started to pick up where I left off. The removal of more rooms and hallways while the front has a major change as this map has been worked on during my work hours due to how slow my job is.

In 2021, There Has been possible plans to mint this map into an NFT (Non Fungible Token) making it the first sauerbraten map to be apart of the ethereum block chain once finalized and completed but later realize that its a bad idea so I drop the idea and move one to the next thing.

Also Looking into the possibly of porting this map into VRChat once the Cube2 .ogz version is completed with some additional adjustments and to figure out on what kind of textures to use. Due to a differences in game engines, there will be a lot of adjustments in of itself and may need some backing for this project to take place.

Plans to mirror half of the Ship can’t be made due to lack of additional layouts, detailing, items, and help.


  1. - The Battle Craft Titan -
    The Ship build on Sauerbraten is a work in progress and here is a list of work to be completed
    - Change a few things with all sectors after mirroring
    - Add lighting and particles
    - Mirror the ship
    - The hanger needs detailing and layouts
    - Sector 3-4 needs additional work
    - Work on sector 5 and split to upper and lower

    - 50%

If this is something you can do, Feel free to use this as a reference for this map. Please take notes on all changes made in the Credits.
Don’t forget if you like to appear on Live stream and like your voice to be heard, please use this Discord link so you can tell the audience about the map or other topics

Mirrored Sites and download links


Sauer World

Media fire

To submit changes please send a message with an attachment below


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