Wearable Computer Headset

For over two decades I’ve always wanted to be this cyberpunk looking guy using the most advanced wearable technology fully utilized at my disposal.

Introducing this real-life scouter of the wearable computer prototype that I put together on a shoestring budget.

Using this right eyepiece known as the Vufine. A high-definition wearable display that seamlessly integrates with any technology connecting via HDMI cable used as the main monitor display for a Raspberry Pi Zero W. worn on the head or as part of a helmet, that has a small display optic in front of the right eye at 720p.

If anything this is ideal to be used with augmented reality (AR) overlay that has the capability of reflecting projected digital images as well as allowing the user to have the other eye free to see what’s physically in front without being intrusive.

This third revision of the prototype uses an Emotiv Headset.  Human Computer Interface (HCI) control input to lend themselves mobility and/or hands-free touch less input.

A quick note: I’ve cut out a metal piece from an old headphone set that is used to extend and hold the vufine display which give it a more cyberpunk look to it.

 Maybe it should include AI like Mycroft to add the ability to learn on its own.


Overall, This is just a modded EEG with an eye display. A proof of concept of things to come.

Further testing and several revisions and a better detailed description will come along way until the the next update arrives.

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