Wearable Computer Headset

When I was a lot younger, I always wanted to be this cyberpunk looking guy with the most advanced wearable technology and fully utilize at my disposal.

Two decades later that dream is much closer to a reality than ever before.

Introducing this real-life scouter of the wearable computer prototype that I put together on a shoestring budget.

First working wearable computer prototype posted on April of 2018 using a PowerTRIP PT-T5800, custom Lego Case Enclosure, Vufine Branded Nerd Glasses. All within a $200 budget.


Basic Specs:

Display: Vufine Right side Eyepiece 720p

MotherBoard: Raspberry Pi Zero W v1.1

Main OS: Arch Linux ARM

Using this right eyepiece known as the Vufine. A high-definition wearable display that seamlessly integrates with any technology connecting via HDMI cable used as the main monitor display. worn on the head or as part of a helmet, that has a small display optic in front of the right eye at 720p.

For extra mobility, A Raspberry Pi Zero W has been used to process information or to be used just like a PC to what can be seen just like smart glasses on steroids.

If anything this is ideal to be used with augmented reality (AR) overlay that has the capability of reflecting projected digital images as well as allowing the user to have the other eye free to see what’s physically in front without being intrusive.

left side view of the raspberry pi Lego case


At the time of this post, it serves as a front-end display for a remote system which it’s not yet exactly designed to be a usable workstation replacing the traditional input devices such as keyboard and mouse.


Right side view of the vufine right eye peice display


My Idea for the next revision of the prototype will Instead use Human Computer Interface (HCI) control input to lend themselves mobility and/or hands-free touchless input like an Emotiv Headset and even some DIY motion sensors for movment dection. Maybe include AI like Mycroft.

top side view showing everything


since this post is still a work in progress, You should Come back later on to check out any new updates of the third prototype and may possibly make a video demonstrating it.

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