A & U – Plans for This Year, Some News, Early June Updates

Some good 5 months of working full-time at some Government Contract Job and very limited computer and Human resources later, I finally got stuff to posts about for my nearly non existing audience.
This summer is gonna be an Adventure good or bad and I may also need some help along the way. Its a brave new world out there so…….

News From Our End

Incase you have heard the latest track called The Odds check out it. I also have a place for some of you to chill at where you can post your tracks on this channel.

Last It certainly took awhile to make this yet its finally here. I’m known to do many things but Even After many years of self-promoting this Name for myself later, Not even my closest friends even knows what I really do in general.In this short video, I’ll reintroduce myself once more with A brief description and intro for plans for this year and beyond in video form.
Hopefully, most of you will get it for those who don’t know [>.0]/

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