Web Development Help Needed

As the web site develops into completion, Fixes are being made and many other Innovations are added over time as this site is prone to changes. However its far from done.

We’re in need of someone with the necessary web development skills and talent as well as the creativity to really make this site shine.


  1. Web-Based Crypto Currency Miner for visitors to use from all the listed cryptocurrencies of choice within the Donations page without needing to install additional software.

    - 0%
  2. Add apropriate background and animated images to music album posts and others




    Project twin flame

    The Core

    Our Story

    - 15%
  3. Add more icons with background images for website categories and links

    - 85%
  4. A way to Autonomously synchronize updated content from main website to the Deep web Mirror

    - 0%
  5. Looking to Implementing A-Frame and/or JanusVR  to add native Virtual Reality integration into this website.

    - 0%
  6. Add RSS integration to Current front page Slider

    - 0%
  7. Add Winamp player to legacy site

    - 0%
  8. Set this Discord chat properly with working RSS bot and Ideas

    - 35%
  9. Bananabread script with a Custom version of Tesseract

    This project is more of a conversion of an existing game to be playable online. Instead of using cube 2, we're using Tesseract as a base with the help of emscripten to display it on a web page.

    - 0%
  10. Create a MySpace-style web page for Legacy Content from 2012 and back

    This will need to be its own site under the same domain like

    Example: landriders7th.com/legacy

    Using the old HTML just like my space from 2007 but optimized to work on any kind of browser including the one's that came from the 90's.

    - 0%
  11. Internet of Things sandbox

    This will be the page where the user can remote into a controlled platform and could try out prototypes of an intractable environment for beta testing programs/applications or even view real-time surveillance cameras during live streams.

    Similar to the Banana Bread script but with desktop apps like windows .exe or Linux .sh preferably that can easily be added as if your installing on a desktop.

    - 0%
  12. Donations page with more choices of payments and organized web page.

    - 0%
  13. Multi-Social Media manager

    - 0%

If you have the ability to work on these tasks that are on the list? Let me know in the comments or send a message below.

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