A & U – Virtual Reality, Live Streams, The Ship plus Mics

The First month of 2018 has been rough start on my end due to low funds that will be resolved soon. However, there are also some new projects to look forward to adding some pre-existing ones.
I’ve noticed I have 20+ new page likes and over 90+ reactions from Facebook after uploading a picture of the mSata drive I used as my day to day storage drive.
For those new likes, I thank you for the support. you’ll be seeing more posts from me later on.
This coming month will be an eventful one.

  • To Start off with this Post Update

I got myself a hold of This Elgato Capture Card to stream much higher quality content so fewer computer resources will free my PCs from running OBS in the background. The capture card will be connected to a second spare PC I have saved. Further testing will be done before the upcoming live streams starting this early spring.

  • Virtual Reality for desktop and web content

I came across a post that shows a way to use a Linux desktop inside JanusVR. This gave me an idea on how I can utilize this method to integrate it into this website.
I wonder if I can browse the deep webs using JanusVR by connecting to the Tor proxy and see what I come across or if anything interesting shows along the way.
I look forward to experimenting with VR to where I’ll adopt it into my Desktop. This can open more possibility that is yet to be discovered.

  • innovate is now called State of Mind and will be released sometime soon.

There’s yet another come back to The Ship build with some drastic changes will be making. Since it took so long to put together due to its massive size and empty spaces, it leaves to remove a lot from its original form.

  • Some more Misc Etc

I’ll be streaming my projects as well as looking into testing out Janus to adopt VR before Living into it. I may use cude2 as a tool to build a world as well as Blender to make object files to port from. There’s a lot to work on and this website may become VR ready in the near future.
And we’re just getting started.
Til then this is LR7 logging out

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