End of year Overview Updates 12/28/2017

2017 has been a quite an eventful year especially for a relatively short time while focusing more on building up this website and music than my other projects that were left on hold. Here’s a quick overview of 2017 and up comming plans for 2018.

  • FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai May have Won  a 3-2 vote on December 14 to Killed off Net Neutrality. We may as well prepare for this brave new world where we live with North Korean style internet were our online freedoms are taken away. An alternative way of using the internet not controlled by the ISP’s and combat online censoreship will most likely be Mesh Nets. This may as well be the time to create our own kind of internet.


  • Winter Assault: A winter themed track of the year has been released and is now on Reverb Nation. There are also other tracks from earlier this year that is worth listening to check out.


  • Ever since Firefox 57 Quantum came out, Some of the addons that I’ve used for many years are no longer usable.   there’s an alternative called Waterfox. It Looks and act just like firefox 56 or older with privacy and user control in mind and most importantly you can use legacy addon’s for those that need it.  I Also have made a post of the best recommended addons for either firefox and other Mozilla based broswers like Waterfox to get. It’s still a work in progress but I’ll update it over time.  https://www.landriders7th.com/firefox/


  • For those that are woundering what ever Happened to the Udoo X86 Ultra that I first bought in late Augest. I made the mistake of disabling the internal video card in an attempt to install an external GPU that halding any progress I made canelling a video demostrating for the little computer I plan to use in the long run.



  • Incase you haven’t seen the videos I uploaded here are the few from 2017 to check out


It was a shame I haven’t been able to upload more videos and  live streams as I mentioned earlier since I don’t have the time, funds nor the support needed to meet all goals during the year.

How ever as I discover better and more effective ways to release more content and more exposure, Drastic changed needed to be made. There may be a good chance with the right niche or even a more appealing project as well as the circumstance, it just might work out in the long run.

I’m going to need as much support as possible so I made this donations page  updated to make 2018 the year we take off while higher quality content can be made and to keep this site going and I can afford to travel more.

Even if you don’t have cash at all. you can still help by using your skills and talents listed on the non currency list on the donations page.

New projects are in the works that will be revealed over time.

Til then this is LR7 Preparing for 2018

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