Blog Editor and Content Writing Help Needed

If you happen to be great at writing engaging posts or interesting blogs, then this maybe the task for you.

I haven’t been making any new posts from this website in quite awhile and I’d hate to leave it all to waste.

As much as I really want to be the one to Post everything on my end, its not a very practical thing for me to work on due to projects outside the internet and very low to non existing demand preventing me from coming up with complete blogs and pages to share to anyone who comes across this site.

So this is where your essay writing skills can shine and will needs your expertise’s to kick in. Not only will it be easier for me to add extra quality content but you’ll be credited for contributing. Something you can include on a resume if that helps.


  • Knowledge of electronic hardware, computer software, open source technology, cyber security and internet culture
  • or Knowledge of the Paranormal, Supernatural, and Unexplained Mysteries
  • or Knowledge of Arts, Music, Gaming or even be willing to research certain topics given
  • Must be able to type in English with proper grammar.
  • Attention to details
  • Great Story Telling skills (desired)
  • Knowledge of Basic WordPress skills (Very Nessasary)
  • HTML editing skills (optional)


  1. Finish blog about the UDOO board

    - 0%
  2. Organize and add more links and relivant recommented sources for this page

    - 50%
  3. Better Organize and even to come up with a better title for this Donations page

    - 10%
  4. Exploration and contents of the Deep Web

    - 0%
  5. CryptoCurrency

    - 0%
  6. Raspberry Pi ARM-Based microcomputers

    - 0%
  7. JanusVR Web Browser

    - 0%

Please do let me know if this is something you can help on. Your more than free to register to this site to be considered.

Add some references like posts you made for any website if you have any experience so I can decide if your good to go.

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