A & U – A Major Shift is taking place, Mid February Updated

The beginning of the new year had brought in some major changes that nearly caught me off guard.

A quick overview on whats happening so far

  • From a good number of services like Wii shop shutting down, Machinima channel has been removing all their videos from YouTube and Google Plus being discontinued this April due to lack of usage.


  • If anything there is now an even greater need to protect online privacy ever since net neutrality and article 13 becoming a larger threat for the internet. Once again I recommend getting this VPN if your serious about Online Privacy and bypassing censorship as an extra measure.


  • Legacy Media is dying due to the fact that they lost touch with the people and are no longer trustworthy for their political bias while distorting the truth to fit with their narrative keeping the uninformed divided and ignorant of reality.


  • Just to be an early Bird I Recently opened up A vanillo Account Since YouTube isn’t such a great place to upload videos due to demonetization for breaking guidelines that are too veg to understand so I’ll be upload to this site first before videos get uploaded on YouTube.

In case you haven’t heard, it took me a week and a half to get this video up and running after format changes that I’ve been on and off on figuring out how to render this video since I was getting a hang of the new software I use to make this while I was away.
Didn’t think this would happen in such short notice but Here’s some commentary on my take on how the future might be like while walking around at CES 2019.


  • Fisted is now called Millennia the 21st track for the PCP Album has been released. Come take a listen [>~0]/

It may seem like I haven’t had much going on my end aside from some personal decisions I have to make went it comes to travelling to certain place and how ill manage my projects while im at it.
however I am working on up loading more videos on topics relating to Deep Web, some exploration related or Anything that I see may fit with what this website is about or even branch out to other Subjects that im yet to uncover.

Only time will tell as I slowing update on whatever’s on my to do list.

Til then this is LR7 logging out