Announcements and updates 11/23/2017

From updating my website to internet freedom under attack, there’s quite alot of different things I wanted to get on but due to a really low budgets and lack of motivation (not to meantion  the number of items to scratch off this websites to-do-list left unfinish) I’ll have to leave many of the side stuff on hold in the meantime.

How ever I do have some news to address and did say that I’ll have new things like a video and a jump-start a new carreer as a content creator and adventurer before 2018.

Now heres what I have so far:

  • Almost three weeks ago I made a commantary video where I was walking near the crime scene where the Las Vegas shooting took place as I was heading to the Mandalay Bay for a job I had. Checkout the video to hear the details the mainstream wont meantion.


  • Also Net Neutrality is under attack once more by the  FCC who are making yet another attempt to censor the internet by charging a fee just to visit a website as well as making it even harder to browse around at slower than dialup speeds making streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, twitch, amazon prime and many others down right imossible to watch.  For those that don’t know what Net Neutrality is, Click on the text here that will take you to a wiki page. If you’re an internet user even if you’re not on it that much, it can still effect you in a negative way.  This is bad news for everyone everywhere (even if you’re not in the United States).  This is a problem I personally am not ok with as a privacy aware internet user who refuses to touch a broswer without ad blocker addons set.  but the way there’s a chance we can fight for our internet freedom to prevent the Trump administration and the telecommunication companies to control us as if where living in North Korea . Heres the website to get your word out to by clicking on the text to save the internet.


    • A side of these issue where facing recently, I  plan to look into making a crowdfunding campaign to jump-start my lifes work so I can keep making new content and to keep ths website online  as well as  accomplish my goals to travel to many different place to find the turth while having a story to tell in about the journey in video or even interactive content form.  A video is in the works that i’ll use to show what I have to offer. In the meantime you can still help support the goal by pressing the donate word while I find a proper way to set that up.  I’ll personally thank you for that in some way or another [>.0]/
      • Last on the post are these new music tracks with commentary in the works so take a listen as I meantion other things like the UDOO computer and a New member who joined the LandRiders.

    These alot more I wanted to bring up but ill save it for the next U&A So stay tune for further updates for more content and keep on fighting for our online freedom.

    Til then this is LR7 Logging out

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