Announcements and Updates 11/23/2017

From updating my website to internet freedom under attack, there’s quite a lot of different things I wanted to get on but due to a really low budgets and lack of motivation (not to mention  the number of items to scratch off this websites to-do-list left unfinished) I’ll have to leave many of the side stuff on hold in the meantime.

How ever I do have some news to address and did say that I’ll have new things like a video and a jump-start a new career as a content creator and adventurer before 2018.

Now here’s what I have so far:

    • Almost three weeks ago I made a commentary video where I was walking near the crime scene where the Las Vegas shooting took place as I was heading to the Mandalay Bay for a job I had. Checkout the video to hear the details the mainstream wont mention.

These a lot more I wanted to bring up but ill save it for the next U&A So stay tune for further updates for more content and keep on fighting for our online freedom.
Til then this is LR7 Logging out

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