Announcements and updates 10/16/2017

Since I haven’t been posting as often as I thought It would be. Lately there’s been some tragic news that took place two weeks ago where people lost there lives that Sunday night. Once again there’s going to be some restructuring while figuring out a better way to keep up to date on up coming projects or trips this winter.

  • I plan to release 3 more tracks for the PCP album before the new year hits. Here’s one of them for instance
        • Back in August I received my new computer that I’ll use as my main system called the Udoo x86 Ultra. I’ll make a follow-up post and much later on a video as soon as possible. Here’s A preview of how it looks for now.


    • Also for those that haven’t seen the Late Alaska Video that took awhile to make due to software bugs and hardware issue, Here’s the video: