End of the year over view update 12/29/2018

That year has been more of a financial growth especially from the government contract that I was involved that lasted for five months making it a bit more affordable to do certain things.

There’s also a number of things that took place but unfortunately traveling out-of-state isn’t one of them.

In 2019 theres gonna be more traveling and more content to make once I get a hold of better hardware that’s portable enough to be doable on the fly.

  • There are plans to work more on wearable technology and how it can be used for day-to-day activities.

Wearable Computer Headset

  • Deep web expeditions may be more of a thing and even live streams will take place. Yet to find a stable way as far as privacy is concern.

The Deep Dark Web

  • Two months ago I release the Textbox Block Party Album, with 8 tracks of house and garage style music featuring our mascot textbox [>~0]/

Text Box Block Party Album

  • Speaking of Textbox there’s been an announcement that once day it’ll have a mind of its own with the help of an AI company being invested into

AI and the worlds first self-aware mascot character

  • Also I made this video about getting started, details are said and explained


  • Also if you are active in Cube 2 sauerbraten keep an eye out for the latest update of the ship that will be announced by the beginning of the new year.


Before I forget I would like to announce that I have created a new Discord Channel called #stolen-memesz  where you can post the dankest memes you can find so come over and meme [>~0]/

  • Also I had to bring up the fact that by the end of 2019 I may no longer produce any more music after the PCP album gets released the same way I have been doing since the beginning of 2010.

  • I was kind of hoping that I’d get a little more recognition and wanted to share stuff that I found but unfortunately couldn’t get enough people to subscribe. Maybe I’m not doing something right or I’m not sharing my posts to the right places. Well I’m not going to let that stop me I’m just going to continue searching for my niche audience wherever they may be.

  • I also want to address the issue some of you guys had about the miner that’s running in the background at the time of this post as I am not using your computer’s resources for malicious intent I just wanted to make up for the expenses required to run this website. If it really is that bad then I may consider removing it.

Well guys hopefully you find my content interesting and perhaps useful in some way and I really would like to continue creating more posts and to improve this website with the help of your suggestions especially for the coming new year and even expand to other topics in video form once the hardware needed is in my possession.

Till then this is LR7 and happy New Years [>~0]/