Announcements and updates 8/20/2017

  • Due to the lack of time and resources I haven’t really been able to post as often as I like to in which defeats the purpose of having this website. How ever I’m in the works of adding new features and better methods to make better use of this blogging platform and later on when possible get a virtual Lobby implemented on this site


  • Also for The Alaska trip I mentioned earlier on my social media sites. I’m still working on a video then later on a blog post with what I have been able to record using a smartphone and may have to barrow someone else computer until a new one arrives.


  • For the Reverb Nation subscribers, I’ll make an attempt in setting up the email listing so you guys will receive updates from this site and not with the one from reverb itself so you’ll get updates besides the next tracks I’ll be making.


  • Speaking of a new track there’s a Collab featuring I Love Plur from B’Le Productions that will also be feature in the Alaska video since I started this collab while in Alaska \[.~.]/

Esoteric Forest Collaberation with I love Plur

And last to bring this up tomorrow there’s an up coming solar eclipse in the united states.  some say it will last for only two minutes while others claim that bad things will happen after this rare event. If that’s the case, may as well prepare for the worst that’s yet to come.

Till then This is LR7 Standing by

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