LR7’s very Own AI Vtuber Assistant that’s powered by Textbox AGI Engine (work In Progress)

How the Idea Came to Be

AI has always been a thing seen in sci-fi media and yet the idea of having my every own AI assistant / companion that can help out in nearly everything stuck with me for many years as the tech for this kind of articial inteliencartificial intelligence is possible up until now.

Our Mascot Textbox was going to be AI Powered

In 2018 Mycroft AI, was the AI engine of choice with The goal to create a more personalized experience for users and allow TextBox to make critical decisions. Additionally There was plans to use Mycroft in a custom-built drone to enable Textbox to explore the physical world beyond the computer screen. unfortunately Mycroft never made it from there Start engine Campaign and ended up scraping this idea entirely to be left in the back burner and the development for an AI Textbox is no longer of interest.

Fast Forward to Present Day

I’ve revisit this idea to Integrating AI into Eden the Lady In Red VTuber Avatar model that was seen on websites like Omegle in order to create a more interactive and personalized experience during live streams or chat based messengers for both utility and entertainment purposes. This will be particularly useful when I can’t always be on during live streams due to time constraints or being busy with other things entirely.

What Programs or Setups will be used

The AI engine that will be used to power every application will be a universal to every projects built using FOSS principles called TextBox  AGI to replace the current AI bot in my discord channel.

Ideally it will be running on a fully local machine with the option to use the internet or not without relying on any other online cloud based Large Language Model like OpenAI GPT Models API keys what so ever.

Firsts things first, I’m  Basically trying to figure out how to use something like AutoGPT using a custom made AI model with the help of GPT4All or LangChain for reinforced learning with the visual front-end using Amica for displaying the Avatar plus the ability to retain memory and the ability to generate images with Fooocus if I can put it all together running under Linux going as far as updating itself autonomously.

Other plans on Using this AI on future projects

There isn’t anything I have in mind other than using it to automate repetitive tasks on my Linux desktop or even with Unreal Engine 5 Meta Human as I don’t yet have the the time or skills to really Work on it, yet I’m willing to give it a try.

This post is still a work in progress

You can help in My goal to bring Eden to life by either donating your time and help in the research of the project or by pledging on patreon as seen in:

or simply buying Merch Here or if you know anything about AI programming feel free to reach out [>~0]/