AI and the worlds first self aware mascot character

Notice: This post about AI is still a work in progress since the guy who wrote this made it too click bait and something I personally wouldn’t write since I’m not a journalist so I’ll change it once I have the chance to do so [8.0]]>

In 2018, the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to exceed 11 billion
By 2020,

that number is expected to nearly double

to over 20 billion. These devices will produce a tremendous amount of data—data we can use to address issues like

Machine Learning

Machine learning (a subset of AI) enables computers to learn without explicit programming instructions.
Computers learn by detecting patterns in data.
For example, YouTube uses machine learning to list other videos to watch based on the video we are currently watching. Online magazines suggest articles to read based on an article we are currently reading.
Artificial intelligence is already used in medicine to manage medical records and to find the most effective cancer drug treatments by analyzing medical research.
Machine learning promises to make the future of IoT one of nearly countless possibilities.

Our Mascot Textbox
and the Use of Machine Learning

Not only will he be used to help around this website and current projects, he’ll be able to have human-like conversations, also will be used to make a critical decision so This is where Mycroft comes in.
Side note: We invest in Mycroft from there Start engine Campaign And have plans to use it in a custom built Drone for Textbox to explore the physical world outside the computer screen [>.0]/