My First 8 GTK themes For A Linux Desktop

As a formal Linux user who enjoys customizing themes for any desktop environment that supports gtk2 and gtk3 even on non gtk DE’s out there.
I’ve created them based off Legacy content up to more modern ,darker ,dynamically complementary colored themes seen on this website.
Here are the following GTK themes that can be found on this list below.

  1. BIO – An L-Core 1.x default theme for the Operating System included in every ISO and IMG alike.
  2. Sharp Edge Matter – The 2018 Dark Color scheme from This website.
  3. Purple Wave -Simply A Purple Theme for if you like the color [>.0]/
  4. Dark BIO – The Admin colors of the Root users Desktop or panel.
  5. Autumn Gold – A Golden theme for Autumn that was Used with Project Twin Flame.
  6. LR7Style08 – Based on the legacy from a custom winamp skin and MySpace from 2008 recreated as historically accurate as possible.
  7. PCP – A Dark Red theme inspired by the Paranormal Conspiracy Paradox Album Cover Colors.
  8. Mono Chrome Winter – A White theme for a monochrome or Winter Based Setting similar to Lady In Red.

This is something to share as a means to have a more personal touch to the Linux Desktop anyone can have.

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